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A garden is a mirror of the heart.

A well-styled garden can boost the value of your home by up to 25 per cent

“Never disappointed with the LEMONNIER , they have done a beautiful job around the garden. I will definitely recommend them. Efficient and skilled hedge pruner.”

Nick Conti

“I called Thibeau and his team to assist with CLEANING my palm tree. Skilled climber, friendly and energetic team. Thibeau and his team take care and PRIDE in their work.”

Shelby Marsh

“Thibeau is friendly and knows what they are talking about . He pruned all the hedges around the garden with passion with his french clipping techniques. If you are particular with your garden like me, LEMONNIER is the people you want. Thanks again”

Frank Cooper

"Quick to react, professional, taking care of the job order. I recommend Thibeau and his boys if you looking for a sharp and quality services."

Daniel Smith

"LEMONNIER removed my beautiful Gumtree at the back of the house. Tree was gone before the end of the day. Spectacular work guys."

Laurence Gardner

"Thibeau offer me an honest service , he is passionate about his job and shared with me his knowledge. He has an eyes for detail. I am more than satisfied with the job done, thank you very much."

Kevin Anderson

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